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My Purpose

Getting approaches right in the early years sets children up to be lifelong learners able to reach their full potential.  Following children's interests leads to a profound learning experience.  

I provide English language development opportunities for a global market, bringing expert educational insight into animation series like Let’s Go Pocoyo and Learning Time with Timmy. 

I advise on early language learning strategies and support for educators of young children to maximise learning. 

I create age-appropriate content for additional language learning and language development as well as guidance for parents, so they in turn can help their children's learning.  

My Skills

I am easy to work with and an active listener. I adhere to my values and integrity by putting the child at the heart of everything I do, always.  I am dedicated, creative, and innovative, and I go above and beyond to deliver excellent results on time.

“Few people have had such an immense impact as you. You have been a wonderful mentor despite distance and time zones, and more inspirational than any other leader".  Teacher Trainer,  British Council Learning Time with Timmy. 

I approach projects in an analytical way, and I look for ways to match the needs of my clients with what is best for young children.  

My Mission

To revolutionise early English language learning so that it is holistic, child focussed, play-based, developmentally appropriate, and supports the child in specific areas of language and communication as well as their physical, social and emotional development. 

"Your knowledge, compassion, support, integrity and enthusiasm have all been invaluable. I have learned so much from you and being part of the writing team for Learning Time with Timmy and then implementing and teaching it was my favourite part of my job".  Content Writer and Teacher, British Council Learning Time with Timmy. 

 “What a truly amazing impact you have made on thousands of colleagues, teachers, parents and, most importantly children all over the world! In your words, happy children learn best and so many will have the happy memories of learning English that will last a lifetime thanks to your vision and passion”. 
Marketing Manager, British Council Learning Time with Timmy.